In 2000, only about 1 in 150 children was diagnosed with autism. Rauch said his staff will include a medical doctor from Harvard and Johns Hopkins University, and a nutritionist from Amherst College. The center will be multidisciplinary, and include hyperbaric oxygen treatment, heavy metal detox, the GAPS Diet designed to heal the gut, and homeopathy. With treatment, “I have seen kids age 3 diagnosed with autism, and by age 5, they are in mainstream school,” Rauch said. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment has been used for patients with autism spectrum disorder since 2004. When a typical person focuses on a task or speaks, the brain is doing more work and there is an increase in blood flow to the brain, supplying it with more oxygen and glucose. In autistic children, several studies show that the opposite is true. They actually have diminished blood flow to begin with and when they focus on a task, the flow isn’t increasing to give their brains the oxygen needed to supply energy for the task. The exact reasons hyperbaric oxygen treatment helps autistic children are still being researched. However, according to the Oxford Recovery Center, several advantages are the removal of toxins, such as heavy metal from the body; reducing inflammation, allowing oxygen deprived areas to return to normal blood flow; building new capillaries in the brain; and reducing inflammation in the gut.

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